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Neotropical Butterflies

   One of the most informative works is the following comprehensive bibliography. It includes references for butterflies recorded south of US border, i.e. from Mexico to Patagonia. It does not include references for butterflies known only from Canada and USA. It can be searched for a species or subspecies name to find the original description. The link below is to a PDF file. We plan to convert it to HMTL format later.
Gerardo Lamas  2018.  An Annotated Bibliography of the Neotropical Butterflies and Skippers (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea)   Revised Electronic Edition
                                                                              (HUGE FILE: 7.2 megabyte download size)

If you find errors or omissions in this bibliography, please let Dr. Lamas know. PDFs of omitted papers would be very helpful for their inclusion in future versions.

Butterflies of Canada and USA

   The following is a bibliography from the "Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada" (print: 2008, online: current).
Jonathan P. Pelham  2008.  Systematic bibliography of the butterflies of the United States and Canada
                                                                              (LARGE FILE: 1.3 megabyte download size)

   And here is the updated and a more comprehensive version.
Jonathan P. Pelham  2014.  Eclectic bibliography of the butterflies of the United States and Canada
                                                                              (LARGE FILE: 1.2 megabyte download size)     html version

Butterflies of Mexico

   This is a partial bibliography on Mexican butterflies, primarily by Mexican authors. Other works are listed if contents are exclusively related (or nearly so) to Mexican butterflies.
Andrew D. Warren  [2005, unpublished].  Preliminary list of literature related to Mexican butterflies. Listado preliminar de la literatura sobre mariposas mexicanas

Other compilations

Heritage of William Henry Edwards

   These files summarize contributions of W. H. Edwards to our knowledge of Butterflies.
compiled by Joseph Belicek,  last updated 8 Jan. 2013.  Lepidoptera Taxa described by William Henry Edwards

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