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These pages would not be here if not for a great generosity of Gerardo Lamas, who allowed us to make his comprehensive collection of type specimens photographs available here.

Print photographs by Gerardo Lamas were digitized by The Tropical Andean Butterfly Diversity Project funded by the Darwin Initiative. We are grateful to professor Jim Mallet, our scientific advisors Keith Willmott and Blanca Huertas for this wonderful collaboration with TABDP and fruitful discussions, and Carlos Peña for diligently scanning the prints.

We thank other contributors who photographed type specimens and made their images available to us: Bernard Hermier, Ernst Brockmann, Stanislav Abadjiev, Stéphane Attal and Maurizio Bollino.

We are grateful to all the curators who have permitted access to the collections and type specimens under their care. Photographs of NHM specimens are copyright of The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London and any use of these images, except for personal study, requires prior written consent of the Museum. Similar permission should be sought from other institutions housing type specimens.

We gratefully acknowledge our supporters who make this project possible, and we are seeking additional funding to complete digitization of Lamas photographs, to start curating images on these web pages and developing the project further. What you see here is our preliminary data for further funding requests. Your help is most needed at the moment.

Andy WarrenJim BrockKim DavisMike StangelandJonathan Pelham and Nick Grishin

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