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Emesis toltec Reakirt, 1866
(Toltec Emesis)


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Emesis toltec ♀ illustration, MEXICO

This is an image of Emesis tegula digitally modified to match the original description of Emesis toltec from: Reakirt, Tryon 1866. Descriptions of some new species of diurnal Lepidoptera. Proceedings of the Academy of natural Sciences of Philadelphia 18(3): 238-249 ([11] June). p. 248: "Upper surface dull reddish-ochreous brown; a broad transverse paler band occupies the middle of both wings, the space between it and the base traversed by numerous transverse waved lines, made  up of many connected dashes and lunules; beyond the broad central belt there is a confluent row of darker lunules, widest on the costa, and gradually tapering to the abdominal margin; after these there is a submarginal row of rounded dark-brown spots, of the same range as the preceding". Namely, the median part of both wings was made lighter and submarginal round spots were made more prominent.

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