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Leptotes hedgesi A. Schwartz & K. Johnson, 1992
(Hedges' Blue)


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Leptotes hedgesi ♀ original illustration of the holotype genitalia (A),
CUBA: Provincia de Pinar del Rio: 5.5 km NW Niceto Perez (formerly Rancho Mundito), 450 m, 18-VIII-1991 (S. B. Hedges and A. Estrada). Original number AS (Albert Schwartz collection) 27556, now in the collection of the Museo National de Historia Natural de Cuba [MNHNCU]
fig. B depicts Leptotes cassius for comparison: CUBA: Provincia de Holguín, Holguín [AMNH]

Image from: Schwartz, Albert, and Kurt Johnson 1992. Two new butterflies (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from Cuba. Caribbean Journal of Science 28(3/4): 149-157, 4 figs. p.149-152, f. 2: "FIG. 2. Female genitalia of Leptotes hedgesi and L. cassius, A. L. hedgesi holotype; above, ventral view of fibula (1) and adjoining henia (2), latter not extruded from terminal sternite; below, lateral view of posterior abdominal segment: 1-2 as above; 3, papillae anales with adjoining apophyses; 4, terminal tergite; 5, apodeme of terminal tergite. B. L. cassius: Cuba: Provincia de Holguín: Holguín. American Museum of Natural History (AMNH); same views."

Main Species PageOriginal IllustrationsGenitalia
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