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Agathymus indecisa (Butler & H. Druce, 1872)
(Guatemalan Giant-Skipper)

Type Specimens photo collection:


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Distribution and Larval Foodplants:

Chiapas to Costa Rica




Original description from:

Butler, Arthur Gardiner, and Herbert Druce
1872. "Descriptions of new genera and species of Lepidoptera
from Costa Rica." Cistula entomologica 1(5): 95-118 (20 July)
page 116

                               Æ. Indecisa, sp. nov. 

       Alæ supra nigro-fuscæ, area basali fulvescenti hirta, 
auticæ macula discoidea; punctis tribus in serie arcuata 
subcostali, pone cellam; duabus apud medium marginis 
externi, maculisque tribus in serie obliqua infra ramos 
medianos ochraceo-albidis; ciliis omnibus albis, fusco 
notatis; corpus supra fuscum, metathorace fulvescenti 
hirto, ocilis albo-cinctis; antennis nigris: alæ anticæ 
subtus nigræ, apice grisescente; costa fuscescente; maculis 
supernis albidis; posticæ cinereæ fusco adspersæ; dimidio 
interno fuscescente; macula discoidea, altera majore 
interno-mediana, et subtribus fere lunatis discalibus 
margini subparallelibus, nigris; ciliis albis, fusco variis; 
corpus subtus fuscum, abdomine cinereo squamoso, antennis 
albicantibus: exp. alar. unc. 2 ½. Coll. Druce. 
    The genus Ægiale seems to me to belong rather to the 
Castniidæ. than to the Hesperidæ, for not only does it differ 
remarkably from all the genera of the latter family in 
neuration, but in its small palpi and comparatively narrow 
head, thickened antennæ, clumsy legs and apparently 
flexible abdomen. 

Text from:

Druce, Herbert
(1896-1900) [Genera Acentrocneme and Megathymus]. In: Godman, F. D. & O.
Salvin (Eds.). Biologia Centrali-Americana. Insecta.
London, Dulau & Co., Bernard Quaritch. v. 2, Supplement.
pages 319-320

    1. Megathymus indecisus. (Tab. LXIX. figg. 1, ♂; 2, ♀.)
Ægiale indecisa, Butl. & Druce, Cist. Ent. i. p. 116 (1872) 1.

Hab. COSTA RICA, Cartago (Van Patten 1); PANAMA, Chiriqui (mus. D.).
  In 1872 Dr. Butler and I suggested that Ægiale was more nearly allied to the
Castniidæ than to the Hesperiidæ. The material in our possession is still not large
enough to enable us to make many points of structure clear by dissection.

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