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Anartia jatrophae luteipicta Fruhstorfer, 1907
(White Peacock)

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Larval Foodplants and Habitats photo collection:

Distribution and Larval Foodplants:

S TX (strays far N), E & W Mexico through Central America

Larval foodplants

L. (guantanamo)
Aloysia triphylla
(L'Hér.) Britt.

Blechum brownei
Blechum pyramidatum
(Lam.) Urban
Ruellia occidentalis
(Gray) Tharp & Barkl. (luteipicta)
Ruellia tuberosa

Bacopa monnieri
(L.) Pennell guantanamo)
Lindernia diffusa
(L.) Wettst. 

Mentha aquatica
Mentha pulegium
Melissa officinalis


Genus Anartia Hübner, [1819]

Verz. bekannt. Schmett. (3): 33. Type-species: Papilio jatrophae Linnaeus 1763, in: Johansson, Cent. Ins. Rar.: 25, no. 73, by designation of Scudder (1875), Proc. Am. Acad. Arts Sci., Boston 10(2): 111, no. 73.

=    Celoena Boisduval, 1870

Consid. Lépid. Guat.: 38. Type-species: Papilio fatima Fabricius, 1793, Entomol. Syst. 3(1): 81, no. 252, by monotypy.

‡Celaena E. Doubleday, 1849

In: Gen. diurn. Lepid. (1)(26): 214. Type-species: Papilio fatima Fabricius, 1793, Entomol. Syst. 3(1): 81, no. 252, by designation of Hemming (1941), J. Soc. Bibl. Nat. Hist. 1(11): 425-426. Proposed in synonymy; a nomen nudum.

=    Anartiella Fruhstorfer, 1907

Int. Entomol. Z. 1(16): 112. Type-species: Vanessa lytrea Godart, 1819, in: Enc. méth. 9(Ins.)(1): (291), 299, no. 7, by monotypy.


Anartia jatrophae (Linnaeus, 1763)

In: Johansson, Cent. Ins. Rar.: 15, no. 73; cited Merian (1705), Ins. Surinam.: 4, pl. 4. Often cited as Amoen. acad. 6: 408, no. 73, a later reprint.

Original Combination: Papilio Jatrophae N[ymphalis].

Type Locality: “Jatropha Americes”; defined as “Surinam” by Munroe (1942), Am. Mus. Novit. (1179): 2.

Types: Lectotype in UZIU, designated by Honey and Scoble (2001), Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 132(3): 339.

            =    corona Gosse, 1880

Entomol. 13(209): 199, pl. 8, fig. 1.

Original Combination: Anartia corona

Type Locality: “near Asunción” [Paraguay]

Types: Holotype in BMNH.

            =    pallida Köhler, 1923

Z. wiss. InsektBiol. 18(12)(Sonderheft): 24, pl. 2, fig. 12.

Original Combination: [Anartia jatrophae] var. pallida

Type Locality: “Misiones” [Argentina]

Types: Syntype(s) in MLP.

                   =    margarita Oberthür, 1896

Étud. Entomol. 20: 30, pl. 9, fig. 18.

Original Combination: [Anartia jatrophae] ab. margarita

Type Locality: “Brazil, Bahia”

Types: “Holotype” in BMNH.


Anartia jatrophae luteipicta Fruhstorfer, 1907

Int. Entomol. Z. 1(16): 112.

Original Combination: [Anartia] jatrophae luteipicta

Type Locality: “Honduras”; defined as “Honduras, Cortés, San Pedro Sula” by Lamas and Small (1992), in: Quintero & Aiello (eds.), Ins. Panama Mesoamer.: 563, list.

Types: Syntypes in BMNH.


        Short Bibliography of Anartia jatrophae luteipicta Fruhstorfer, 1907. 

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Teshirogi, Motomu. 1997. Food plants of Nymphalidae in the World (V). Butterflies (Tokyo) 18: 43-45, 15 figs. [in Japanese] {20 December 1997} [life history of Anartia jatrophae]

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