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Astraptes palliolum (H. Druce, 1908)
(Ochre-stained Flasher)

Type Specimens photo collection:

Pinned Specimens photo collection:

Distribution and Larval Foodplants:

Costa Rica




Original description from :

Druce, Hamilton Herbert Charles James 1908. Description of some new Hesperiidae from Central and South America. Transactions of the entomological Society of London 1908(2): 375-386, pl. 21 (29 September)

pp. 380-381

         Thymele  palliolum, sp. nov.  (Plate  XXI, fig. 5.)
     ♀.  Upper-side ; both wings  blackish-brown with the basal thirds
suffused with pale shining blue.  Fore-wing with a subapical row of
small white dots placed near the costal margin, the middle dot being
slightly  nearer  to the base.  A median  white  transverse  band com-
posed  of 3 quadrate  spots and  two small costal dots divided by the
brown  nervules.  Under-side paler  than above  with dots  and trans-
verse band  as above ;  sprinkled with  yellow scales along the costal
margin from  the base to  the white band  and opalescent-blue  at the
extreme  base.   Hind-wing   dark  brown  with  short  darker  central
bands  and  sprinkled with  yellow scales  from base,  where they are
thickest,  to  beyond  middle.   Head  and  thorax  above  opalescent-
blue ;  abdomen  brown  above  with  blue  scales.   Palpi  pale  buff.
Legs  yellowish.  Antennae  black,  with  a yellowish  ring at  base of
club.  Cilia  of both  surfaces slightly  paler than  wings.
    Expanse 21/5 inch.
     Hab. CARRILLO,  Costa  Rica  (Underwood).
     At  first sight like T. brevicauda,  Plotz * (T. eniopeus  of
the  B.C.A.),  but  on  closer  examination  quite  different.
    *  Goniurus  brevicanda,  Plotz,  Stett.  Ent.  Zeit.  xlvii,  p.  83  (1886),
MS.  drawings,  pl. 1319.

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