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Boloria freija browni (Higgins, 1953)
(Freija Fritillary)

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Larval Foodplants and Habitats
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Distribution and Larval Foodplants:



(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Boloria Moore, 1900

Lepid. Ind. 4(48): 243-244. Type-species: Papilio pales [Schiffermüller], 1775, Ankündung eines syst. Werkes Schmett. Wiener Gegend: 177, no. 8, by original designation. The genus-level synonymy adopted herein is derived from Grey (1989), J. Lepid. Soc. 43(1): 2, Aubert et al. (1996), C. R. Acad. Sci. (Ser. 3) Sci. Vie 319(7): 647-651, and Simonsen (2005), Syst. Entomol. 30(4): 653-665.


freija group Gorbunov, 2001

Butts. Russia Class.: 199.


Boloria freija (Thunberg, 1791) (1789)

The name freija has long been associated with this species. The recent determination (Heppner (1981), Arch. Nat. Hist. 10(2): 251-254) of Esper's publication dates gave priority to Esper's description of lapponica over freija. Replacing freija with lapponica is unnecessary and destabilizing. A paper is being prepared to cite the evidence for implementation of Code Article 81.2.3, to grant freija status as a nomen protectum. Current usage is maintained.

Entomol. Sist. Ins. Svec. (2): 34-36, pl. 2, figs. 14, [14a] ♂ D&V.

Original Combination: Papilio Freija P[apilio]. n[ymphalis]. ph[aleratus].

Type Locality: “Vestrobothnia juxta flumina locis locios Lapponia”; lectotype labeled “Lapp. Liljeblad.” [western Gulf of Bothnia and Lappland, Sweden]

Types: Lectotype in UZIU, designated by Karsholt and Nielsen (1986), Entomol. Scand. 16(4): 446.

=    lapponica (Esper, 1789)

Die Schmett. 1(suppl.)(1)(3/4): 21-22, pl. 97 (Cont. 52), fig. 3 ♂ D&V.

Original Combination: P[apilio]. N[ymphalis]. Ph[alerata]. Dia Lapponica

Type Locality: “Der lapplandisch P. Dia.” [Lappland]

Types: Location of type(s) not known, probably lost.

=    ‡freya (Godart, 1819)

In: Enc. méth. 9(Ins.)(1): (254), 273, no. 37; cited many references to freija.

Original Combination: Argynnis Freya

Proposed to replace Papilio freija Thunberg, 1791, erroneously thought to be preoccupied, or possibly an unjustified emendation.

=    jakutensis (Wnukowsky, 1927)

Mitt. Münchn. Entomol. Ges. 17(7-12): 70, no. 4.

Original Combination: Argynnis (Brentis [sic!]) frieja jakutensis

Type Locality: “Siberia septentrionalis-orientalis (Jakutsk)” [Yakutsk, Sakha Autonomous Republic, Russia]

Types: Syntypes in UTR.

=    zamolodchikova (Churkin, 2001)

Helios 2: 99, pl. 8, figs. 10 ♂ D (holotype), 11 ♂ V, 12 ♀ D.

Original Combination: Clossiana frieja zamolodchikova

Type Locality: “Russia, East Chukotka, 13 km SE Ioni L., Gilmimleviem R” [Magadan Oblast, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia]

Types: Holotype in DSM.

=    ‡”gunderi” (Harper, 1933)

Pan.-Pac. Entomol. 9(3): 99.

Original Combination: Brenthis freija gunderi new tr. fm.

Type Locality: “McCreary, Manitoba, Canada”

Types: “Holotype” in CAS.


Boloria freija browni (Higgins, 1953)

Entomol. 86(9): 210, no. 9.

Original Combination: Clossiana freija browni

Type Locality: “Independance Pass, Pitkin Co.” [Colorado]

Types: Holotype in AMNH.



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