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Calycopis bellera (Hewitson, 1877)
(Bellera Groundstreak)

Type Specimens
photo collection:

Pinned Specimens
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Live Adults
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Distribution and Larval Foodplants:

Panama, Surinam, Brazil




Original description, page 194:

385. Thecla Bellera, Hewitson. Plate LXXVII. ♀ fig. 618.
    UPPERSIDE. Female. –Dark rufous-brown. Posterior wing with two tails : a white line
at the base of the tails.
    UNDERSIDE rufous. Both wings crossed near the middle by a red-brown band bordered
outwardly with white and by a submarginal band of brown. Posterior wing with two tails :
the lobe black bordered above with orange : a large bifid orange caudal spot marked with
black, the space between them bordered above with orange.
               Male like the female, except that the upperside of the posterior wing has the
inner half cerulean-blue marked by two caudal black spots.
    Exp. 9/10 inch.
    In the Collection of W. C. Hewitson, from the Amazon.

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