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Celastrina nigra (W. Forbes, 1960)
(Dusky Azure)

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(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Celastrina Tutt, 1906

Entomol. Rec. & J. Var. 18(5): 131. Type-species: Papilio argiolus Linnaeus, 1758, Syst. Nat. (ed. 10) 1: 483, no. 153, by original designation.

      =    ‡Cyaniriodes Matsumura, 1919

Thous. Ins. Japan, Addit. 3: 736. Type-species: Lycaena ogasawarensis Pryer, 1886, Rhop. nihon. (1): 10-11, no. 24,, pl. 2, fig. 13, by monotypy. Preoccupied by Cyaniriodes de Nicéville, 1890, Butts. India Burmah Ceylon 3: 33.

=    Maslowskia M. M. Omelko & M. A. Omelko, 1984

In: Kononenko et al., Fauna Ekol. Ins. Far East: 25. Type-species: Lycaenopsis filipjevi N. Riley, 1934, Entomol. 67(851): 85-86, pl. 1, figs. 1-6. Kurentsov (1974), Zoogeogr. Far East: 92, is frequently considered to have described this genus (e.g., Korshunov and Ivonin (1990), in: Zolatarenko, Nov. Maloizvest. Vidy Faun. Sib. 22: 77-78); however, Kurentsov mentioned this name without a description; a nomen nudum.


Celastrina nigra (W. Forbes, 1960)

Mem. Cornell Univ. Agric. exp. Sta. 371 (part 4): 127.

Original Combination: [Plebeius argiolus] race nigra

Forbes adopted Lycaena Pseudargiolus winter form Violacea dimorphic male nigra W. H. Edwards, [1885], to represent a subspecies-level taxon, with the same data (Code Articles 10.2, 45.5.1).

Scott and D. Wright (1993), J. Res. Lepid. 30(3/4): 257-260, discussed this name and all of its applications.

                   =    ‡ ebenina Clench, 1972

Ann. Carnegie Mus. 44(1): 33-37, fig. 1 ♂ D&V (holotype), 10 ♂ genitalia.

Original Combination: Celastrina ebenina

Type Locality: “Coalburg, Kanawha Co., West Virginia”

Types: Holotype in CMNH, the same specimen as the lectotype of nigra.

A junior objective synonym of nigra.

                   =    ‡”nigra” (Strecker, 1878)

Butts. Moths N. Am., Comp. Syn. Cat.: 95, no. 136a; cited W. H. Edwards (1869), Butts. N. Am. [1](3): pl. Lycaena 1, fig. 4 ♂ D.

Original Combination: [Lycaena Lucia] ab. a. ♀ Nig[ra].

Type Locality: “Virginia”

Types: “Holotype” is the same specimen figured by W. H. Edwards (1869), ibid., in CMNH.

                   =    ‡”intermedia” (Strecker, 1878)

Butts. Moths N. Am., Comp. Syn. Cat.: 95, no. 136b.

Original Combination: [Lycaena Lucia] ab. b. ♀ Intermedia

Type Locality: “Virginia”

Types: “Type(s)” apparently lost, but possibly in FMNH.

                   =    ‡”nigra” (W. H. Edwards, 1884])

Butts. N. Am. 2(12): [315], pl. Lycaena 2, fig. 7 ♂ D; cited W. H. Edwards (1869), Butts. N. Am. [1](3): pl. Lycaena 1, fig. 4 ♂ D (as ♀).

Original Combination: [Lycaena Pseudargiolus Winter form Violacea] dimorphic male Nigra

Type Locality: Not stated; lectotype from “Coalb[urg].” [Kanawha County, West Virginia]

Types: “Lectotype” in CMNH, designated by Clench (1970), in: F. Brown, Trans. Am. Entomol. Soc. 96(3): 425-426, fig. 32 ♂ D&V.



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