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Dymasia dymas imperialis (Bauer, 1959)
(Tiny Checkerspot)

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Distribution and Larval Foodplants:

S CA, Baja California Norte

Larval Foodplants: Acanthaceae: Justicia californica (Benth.) D. Gibson


(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Dymasia Higgins, 1960

Trans. R. Entomol. Soc. Lond. 112(14): 455-456. Type-species: Melitaea dymas W. H. Edwards, 1877, Can. Entomol. 9(6): 190-191, by original designation.


Dymasia dymas (W. H. Edwards, 1877)

Can. Entomol. 9(10): 190-191.

Original Combination: Melitaea dymas

Type Locality: “San Antonio, Texas” [Bexar County]

Types: Lectotype in CMNH, designated by Higgins, 1969, Trans. R. ent. Soc. Lond. 112(14): 457-458; figured by F. Brown, 1966, Trans. amer. ent. Soc. 92(3): 381, fig. 7 ♀ D&V.

=    larunda (Strecker, [1878])

Lepid. Rhop. Het. (14): 130.

Original Combination: Melitaea Larunda

Type Locality: Not stated; “vicinity of New Braunfels and San Antonio, Southwestern Texas” implied from introductory text. [Comal and Bexar counties]

Types: Syntypes in FMNH.

=    senrabii (W. Barnes, 1900)

Can. Entomol. 32(2): 42, 43.

Original Combination: Melitaea Senrabii

Type Locality: “Corpus Christi, Texas” [Nueces County]

Types: Holotype in USNM.


Dymasia dymas imperialis (Bauer, 1959)

Lepid. News 12(3/4): 98; figured in Howe (1975), Butts. N. Am.: pl. 1, figs. 18 ♂ D, 19 ♀ D&V.

Original Combination: Microtia dymas imperialis

Type Locality: “Palm Springs, Riverside Co., California”

Types: Holotype in LACM.

                         =    ‡”jacintoi” (Gunder, 1924)

Entomol. News 35(5): 154, pl. 2, fig. B ♂ D (“holotype”).

Original Combination: Melitaea chara ab. ♂ jacintoi

Type Locality: “Palm Springs, Riverside County, California”

Types: “Holotype” in AMNH; figured by J. A. Comstock (1927), Butts. Calif.: pl. 37, fig. 12 ♂ D.

                         =    ‡”nitela” (J. A. Comstock, 1926)

Bull. South. Calif. Acad. Sci. 25(1): 33; figured by J. A. Comstock (1927), Butts. Calif.: pl. 37, fig. 13 ♂ V (“holotype”).

Original Combination: Melitaea chara ab. nitela

Type Locality: “Near Palm Springs, Coachella Valley, Calif.” [California]

Types: “Holotype” in LACM.


Bauer, David L. 1959. A new subspecies of Microtia dymas from southern California. Lepidopterists= News 12(3/4): 97-100 {1958, 26 Jan 1959} [description of Melitaea chara imperialis

Comstock, John Adams. 1926. Studies in Pacific Coast Lepidoptera (Continued). Thirteen new species or aberrations of California butterflies. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 25(1): 29-34, 48. {Jan-Apr, 30 Mar 1926} [description of Melitaea chara ab. nitela

Comstock, John Adams. 1927. Butterflies of California. A popular guide to a knowledge of the butterflies of California embracing all of the 477 sSpecies and varieties at present recorded from the state. Author, Los Angeles, California. 334 pp., 63 pls. {1927} 

Comstock, John Adams and Charles M. Dammers. 1932. Metamorphoses of five California diurnals (Lepidoptera). Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 31(2): 33-45, pls. 13-23. {May-Aug, 20 Aug 1932} 

Gunder, Jean Daniel. 1924. Several new aberrant Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera) from California. Entomological News 35(5): 153-158, pl. 2. {[8] May 1924} [description of Melitaea chara ab. ♂ jacintoi]

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