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Hypostrymon critola (Hewitson, 1874)
(Sonoran Hairstreak)

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S AZ, BCS, W Mexico to GRO


(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

  Genus Hypostrymon Clench, 1961

In: P. Ehrlich and A. Ehrlich, How Know Butts.: 182, 214. Type-species: Thecla critola Hewitson, 1874, Entomol. Mon. Mag. 11(124): 105-106, by original designation.


503.      Hypostrymon critola (Hewitson, 1874)

Entomol. Mon. Mag. 11(124): 105-106; figured by Hewitson (1877), Ill. diurn. Lepid. Lycaenidae 2(7): pl. 78, figs. 633 ♂ D, 634 ♂ V.

Original Combination: Thecla Critola

Type Locality: “Mexico”; defined as “Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico” by Clench (1967), J. Lepid. Soc. 21(3): 184.

Types: Holotype in BMNH.

            =    festata (Weeks, 1891)

Entomol. News 2(6): 102-103; figured by Weeks (1900), Proc. New Engl. Zool. Club 2: pl. 1, figs. 1 ♂ D&V, 2 ♀ D&V, and (1905), Ill. diurn. Lepid. 1: pl. 1, figs. 1 ♂ D&V, 2 ♀ D&V.

Original Combination: Hypolycaena festata

Type Locality: “Lower California...near San José del Cabo, at extreme end of the cape” [Baja California Sur, Mexico]

Types: Holotype (#16674) in MCZ.

            =    aderces Clench, 1975

Bull. Allyn Mus. (25): 5-6.

Original Combination: Hypostrymon aderces

Type Locality: “Comala, 2100 ft., Colima, Mexico”

Types: Holotype in MGCL.

            =    margaretae Clench, 1975

Bull. Allyn Mus. (25): 6-7.

Original Combination: Hypostrymon margaretae

Type Locality: “Urias, 2 mi S Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico”

Types: Holotype in CMNH.

‡”ines” Scott, 1986

Butts. N. Am.: 381, no. 353.

Original Combination: [Hypostrymon critola] spring form ines

Types: Proposed as a “form” with no nomenclatural standing; a nomen nudum.



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