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Iaspis castimonia (H. H. Druce, 1907)
(Castimonia Hairstreak)

Type Specimens
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Pinned Specimens
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Live Adults
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Distribution and Larval Foodplants:





Original description from: Druce, Hamilton Herbert Charles James 1907. "On Neotropical Lycaenidae, with descriptions of new species." Proceedings of the zoological Society of London 1907(3): 566-632, pls. 31-36 (9 October), p. 580:

  THECLA CASTIMONIA, sp. n.  (Plate XXXIII. fig. 6.)
  Male.  Upper  side rich  purple-blue,  much like T. beera Hew.,
but  without  any  brand  on the fore wing  and with  very narrow
black apex  and linear black  outer margins.  A distinct red spot
at anal angle.  On the under side the ground-colour is paler; the
markings, which are arranged as in T. beera, are more slender and
the red areas are more restricted.
  Expanse 1 1/5 inch.
  Hab. Interior of Colombia (J. Carder).
  Type. Mus. Druce.
  Distinguished  by  the absence  of a brand  and the very narrow
black margins.

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