Pseudochrysops bornoi yateritas D. Smith & Hernández, 1992;   Antillean Blue,   Comments: SE Cuba.

♀ original illustration of the holotype, CUBA: Guantanamo Province, ca. 5 km west of Tortuguillas, in flight over Batis at Yateritas, 11 a.m. 1-X-1991 [Cuban National Collection, La Habana] Image from: Smith, David Spencer, and Luis Roberto Hernández 1992. New subspecies of Pseudochrysops bornoi (Lycaenidae) and Saliana esperi (Hesperiidae) from Cuba, with a new island record and observations on other butterflies. Caribbean Journal of Science 28(3/4): 139-148, 8 figs. (December). p.139-142, f. 2ab