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To learn about methods we use to study butterflies, follow the links below:

Preparation of skipper male genitalia in situ
Preparation of Calephelis female genitalia in situ
Explorations of Strecker's Giant-Skipper Megathymus streckeri texanus
Take a test of your Amblyscirtes (Celia's and Bell's Roadside-Skippers) ID skills
Take a test on 3 eastern US Thorybes (Cloudywing) species
When books lie: Antennae of Amblyscirtes alternata (Dusky Roadside-Skipper)
Systasea zampa and Systasea pulverulenta comparison
Sexing hairstreaks
A cloud of skippers from DNA
DNA phylogeny made easy: a case study of Poladryas
Can we get confidently resolved phylogeny for long sequences?
Long branch attraction
Higher classification of Nymphalidae
Butterfly of Leps
Evolutionary origin of Giant-Skippers
Higher classification of Skippers
Between moths and butterflies: Hedylidae
Transfer of "J-hanging" pupae
Raising Butterflies


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