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Parelbella macleannani (Godman & Salvin, 1893)
(Macleannan’s Skipper)

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SE Mexico (CHIS, VER) to Ecuador




Original description from:

Frederick DuCane, and Osbert Salvin 1893. Biologia Centrali-Americana. Insecta. Lepidoptera-Rhopalocera. London, Dulau & Co., Bernard Quaritch. 2(108): 257-264, pls. 73-74 (April 1893)

p. 262-263, pl. 74

        3.  Jemadia macleannani, sp. n.   (Tab. LXXIV. figg. 10, 11, 12 ).
Alis cyaneo-nigris; anticis ciliis nigris, striis transversis duabus basalibus, duabus ad angulum analem margine
       interno subparallelibus et linea interrupta evanescente submarginali cyanescentibus; macula trifida per
       cellulam, duabus haud attingentibus discalibus (interdum obsoletis) et linea arcuata quadripartita sub-
       apicali hyalinis; posticis striis tribus transversis margine externo subparallelibus, una basali albicante
       reliquis cærulescentibus, ciliis inter venas albis: subtus anticis fere ut supra, posticis linea cærulea sub-
       marginali lata ad costam latiore et linea augusta nigra longitudinaliter divisa ad costam irregulari; pro-
       thorace nigro, lineis duabus transversis cæruleis notato, haud maculato.
   Hab. PANAMA, Calobre (Arcé), Lion Hill (McLeannan).

English translation from Latin by Peter N. Grishin:

Wings cyan-black; forewings' fringes black, [forewings] transversed by two basal stripes, two [stripes] at anal angle almost parallel
       to the internal margin, and interrupted evanescent submarginal band [are] glowing cyan; tri-partinioned macule through
       the cell, two not touching discal [macules] (sometimes obsolete), and arced four-partitioned sub-
       apical band [are] hyaline; hindwings transversed by three stripes almost parallel to external margin, one basal [stripe] whitened
       the rest growing blue, fringes between veins white: ventral forewings almost like dorsal, hindwing with a blue wide
       submarginal band wider on the sides and longitudinally divided by a royal black band irregular towards the sides; pro-
       thorax black, transversed by two blue bands, not spotted.

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