Genus   Astraptes

Astraptes talus

(Cramer, 1777)

Green Flasher

E & S Mexico to Argentina;
Jamaica, Cuba, Hispaniola, etc.

Astraptes fulgerator azul

(Reakirt, [1867]) complex

Two-barred Flasher, Flashing Astraptes

This appears to be a complex of
continental species-level taxa.

Astraptes tucuti

(R. Williams, 1927)

Tucuti Flasher

SE Mexico to Peru and Bolivia

Astraptes brevicauda

(Plötz, 1886)

Short-tailed Flasher

[= talthybius], SE Mexico to
Costa Rica

Astraptes palliolum

(H. H. Druce, 1908)

Ochre-stained Flasher

Costa Rica

Astraptes egregius egregius

(Butler, 1870)

Small-spotted Flasher

S TX (rare stray) to Colombia
and Venezuela

Astraptes apastus apastus

(Cramer, 1777)

Broad-banded Flasher

SE Mexico to Guianas and N

Astraptes aulus

(Plötz, 1881)

Green-tinged Flasher

Nicaragua to Peru and Argentina

Astraptes enotrus

(Stoll, 1781)

White-spotted Flasher

E & W Mexico to S Brazil,
Paraguay, Bolivia

Astraptes janeira

(Schaus, 1902)

Schaus' Flasher

TL: Brazil (RJ)

Astraptes megalurus

(Mabille, 1877)

Long-tailed Flasher

E & W Mexico to Colombia

Astraptes alardus latia

Evans, 1952

Frosted Flasher

S TX (rare stray), E Mexico to

Astraptes habana habana

(Lucas, 1857)

Frosty Flasher

Cuba, Isla de Juventud

Astraptes habana heriul

(Mabille & Boullet, 1912)

Frosty Flasher


Astraptes xagua xagua

(Lucas, 1857)

Antillean Flasher

Cuba, Andros

Astraptes xagua christyi

(Sharpe, 1898)

Antillean Flasher


Astraptes alector hopfferi

(Plötz, 1881)

Gilbert’s Flasher

[= gilberti], S TX (stray), E &
W Mexico to NW Brazil and

Astraptes cretatus cretatus

(Hayward, 1939)

Cretatus Flasher

[= alfius], Nicaragua, Colombia
to Bolivia

Astraptes creteus crana

Evans, 1952

Whitened Flasher

SE Mexico to Panama

Astraptes creteus creteus

(Cramer, 1780)

Whitened Flasher

Panama to Guianas and Bolivia

Astraptes latimargo latimargo

(Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)

White-edged Flasher

Panama, Colombia, Ecuador

Astraptes bifascia

(Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)

Green-headed Flasher

SE Mexico to Panama

Astraptes chiriquensis

(Staudinger, 1876)

Chiriqui Flasher

E Mexico to Venezuela and

Astraptes weymeri

(Plötz, 1882)

Weymer’s Flasher


Astraptes jaira

(Butler, 1870)

Jamaican Flasher


Astraptes cassander

(Fabricius, 1793)

Cuban Flasher

Cuba and Isla de Juventud

Astraptes galesus cassius

Evans, 1952

Dull Flasher

Costa Rica to Venezuela

Astraptes anaphus annetta

Evans, 1952

Yellow-tipped Flasher

S Texas to Guiana and Peru

Astraptes anaphus anausis

(Godman & Salvin, 1896)

'Caribbean' Yellow-tipped Flasher

Greater Antilles, Virgin Is.,
Montserrat to Grenada

Astraptes phalaecus

(Godman & Salvin, 1893)

Yellow-edged Flasher

E & W Mexico to Colombia