Genus   Cissia

Cissia cleophes

(Godman & Salvin, 1889)

Cleophes Satyr

S Mexico

Cissia confusa

(Staudinger, 1887)

Confused Satyr

SE Mexico to Brazil

Cissia pseudoconfusa

Singer, DeVries & Ehrlich, 1983

Gold-stained Satyr

E Mexico to Panama

Cissia joyceae

Singer, DeVries & Ehrlich, 1983

Joyce's Satyr

Costa Rica

Cissia palladia

(Butler, 1867)

Butler’s Satyr

S Mexico to Brazil, Trinidad

Cissia labe

(Butler, 1870)

Labe Satyr

S Mexico to W Ecuador

Cissia terrestris

(Butler, 1867)

Cryptic Satyr

E Mexico to Brazil

Cissia pompilia

(C. Felder & R. Felder, 1867)

Plain Satyr

[= usitata], E & S Mexico to

Cissia similis

(Butler, 1867)

One-pupil Satyr

W Mexico to Colombia

Cissia themis

(Butler, 1867)

Two-pupil Satyr

[= undina], W & SE Mexico to