Genus   Pompeius

Pompeius verna verna

(W. H. Edwards, 1862)

Little Glassywing

S QUE, ONT, New England to N FL,
W to LA, N to MN, SE SD, E NE,

Pompeius verna sequoyah

(H. Freeman, 1942)

Little Glassywing

AR, SE OK, E TX, [NE Mexico]

Pompeius pompeius

(Latreille, [1824])

Pompeius Skipper

E & W Mexico to Argentina

Pompeius dares

(Plötz, 1883)

Dares Skipper

E & W Mexico to S Brazil

Pompeius amblyspila

(Mabille, 1898)

Amblyspila Skipper

[Nicaragua?], Colombia to