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Thorybes Test

Here it is! The amazing ThoryTest, available on-line.

This drawer with 130 Thorybes specimens from Texas and Oklahoma was shown at the annual Texas A&M University Insect Collection meeting on January 10th, 2009. Correctly identified specimens of three eastern Thorybes (Cloudywing) species: bathyllus (southern), pylades (northern) and confusis (confusing) are arranged in random order. And yes, pseudo-random number generator was actually used! Can you put a name on each specimen? At the meeting, the Thory-winner got 89% of them right. The runner-up was at 85%. And no, it was not allowed to open the drawer, just dorsal views of the specimens as imaged below were used. These were remarkable results. Can you do better? Check it out!  [Added on 13-Jan-09, modified on 4-Jun-11] (Previous) email-in winner was at 92% (only 10 wrong), which was a really impressive result. Still waiting for someone to do 100% right. Since the 92% winner made more mistakes closer to the end (higher specimen numbers), I suspect he simply got tired, as there is no correlation between the specimen order and difficulty. With the right concentration, it might be possible to get a 100. [Added on 4-Jun-11] Current email-in winner is at ~94% (only 8 wrong) — getting closer to a 100. Maybe you can reach the top?

This small image is an overview of the drawer. The large image below is a magnified view of the same drawer, so that each specimen can be inspected in detail.

All images are © Nick V. Grishin

small images of the drawer with Thorybes specimens

Download the score sheet: Microsoft Excel File

The image below is quite large: 2,484 KB, 5340 × 4547px and is not practical for dial-up, sorry. Apologies for mediocre image quality, as it was assembled from 4 photographs only, and then J-pegged in an attempt to reduce size. However, this quality is sufficient to make determinations. Scroll down and up, right and left to see the drawer. Print out the score sheet that you downloaded from the link shown above, or from here. Mark your choice for each of 130 specimens shown below.

ThoryTest, large image

All images are © Nick V. Grishin



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